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How to eliminate the problem of garden lights

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Garden lights are slowly spreading to our lives, and there are more and more energy-saving and environmentally-friendly products. However, many people will have doubts about the garden lights. No matter whether it is garden lights, solar street lights or ordinary street lights, there will be failures. So what are the causes of these faults, and how to detect these faults and eliminate them? In the final analysis, in terms of material selection, we can't buy inferior products because of low prices, which leads to the failure of street lamps. Then we say that the wires contain less lead, hardness, and thin insulation. Then the quality is mainly in the construction process. If the fault is unqualified, the fault is larger, especially because the foundation is unstable, the pre-embedded tube is unreasonable, and the installation angle is incorrect, which will affect the lighting effect. Only by paying attention to these problems, the faults should be minimized in terms of material selection and construction, so that the garden lights can develop further and further.