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What factors affect the promotion of garden lights

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Street lamps are major equipment used for road lighting. In recent years, garden lights have been continuously developed. They are also large consumers of electricity. Many cities have experimented with new energy sources such as solar energy and wind energy to reduce power consumption and save energy. National resources, although the garden lanterns have a significant electricity saving effect, the popularity of garden lights is still very scarce and cannot be promoted on a large scale. Many factors are inside.
First of all, the cost is expensive. Individuals need to pay about 10,000 yuan each. Generally, they are about a few hundred yuan. Then there are regional restrictions. In summer, they can reach fullness, but in winter, they can't do it. They need electric energy to make up. Finally, the technology is unfamiliar. The important equipment for solar lighting is solar panels, and then there are controllers, inverters, light control equipment, etc. To maintain the normal operation of the garden lights, it is necessary to do a good job of protection. The protection is generally a cycle of one month. Check each device at least once during the day and night, especially under harsh conditions, such as strong wind, heavy rain, heavy snow or dry season. Immediately check whether the panel is in the displacement, whether the control room and the battery room are influent or not. Water, after the thunderstorm, it is important to check whether the equipment is in normal operation, whether the discharge controller is damaged, etc. These are important links to ensure that the garden lights can work normally. In addition to protection, it is necessary to clean and scrub the lighting fixtures and the light-transmissive parts of the solar modules.